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Product Feature l: 100% food grade silicone material ,environmental protection,non-toxic,odorless,anti-dust. 2.Different sizes and patterns available 3.Durable and Eco-friendly, easy to wash 4.Beautiful and fashionable, make a good feeling to us 5.Quality Control: Pass LFGB & FDA & SGS...

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This type of HELIX oil (Royal Dutch Shell) custom usb stick  is designed by Shenzhen USB flash drive factory production factory according to the appearance of HELIX oil bottle, which adopts soft rubber PVC material to mold open the HELIX oil  bottle custom usb flash  gift.Now with automobile industry growing, lube oil market is also constantly, lubricating oil market competition began to upgrade, in order to better promote their products, lubricating oil companies began to custom design their lubrication bottle usb gifts, our factory have accepted several lubricants mould customized gifts USB memory company, there are need to customize the lubrication USB Stick customers can contact online, lubricating oil products, we will according to your company design mould in accordance with your special gifts USB.


2GB,4GB &8GB(popular), 16GB,32GB,64GB

USB chipset

High quality Toshiba ,Grade A real chips


custom usb stick

Reading speed


Writing speed


Colour and shape

Customers requirement




plastic box, metal box, color box, Blister box ,white box.Gift box ,design packing  for customers needs


1-3 workdays

Mass product

3 days for 500pcs

Payment term

T/T, West Union,Money Gram

How to make custom USB Flash Drive 

1.Customers provide USB Images or Physical models;
2.Our factory will design 3D/2D artwork / structure diagram accordingly with free;
3.Customers check and confirm;
4.Start making samples;
5.Double check and confirm again;
6.Start bulk production.

Global lubricant brand


Swiss petroleum international group co., LTD., founded in fribourg, Switzerland in 1969, was headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland's largest industrial city, in 1992.Relying on the petroleum research center of the federal institute of technology, university of Zurich, felix petroleum has established a relatively complete system of synthetic lubricating grease products by virtue of its unique and independently developed proprietary technology, and its performance index has reached the international advanced level of similar products.The products are applied in metallurgy, aviation, railway, ship, automobile, electric power, military, mining, textile, chemistry, electric motor, papermaking, printing and other fields.It has been sold to more than 80 countries and regions.

The Great Wall:

Great Wall lubricating oil is the brand name of the product. The company is (China petrochemical lubricating oil company).

China petrochemical industry co., LTD. Lube oil branch (sinopec lube oil company) is a direct enterprise of China petrochemical industry co., LTD., which was officially established in Beijing on May 29, 2002.Headquartered in Beijing zhongguancun science and technology park shangdi information industry base, the company is the largest domestic high-end lubricants professional production and marketing group.


Beijing zhongshi unified lubricants co., LTD., founded in June 1999, is a large professional manufacturer of modern high-tech lubricants in China.The company covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters and produces over 80,000 tons of various products annually.The main products are: motor engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, motorcycle oil, lubricating grease, antifreeze fluid, brake fluid, turbine oil, engine maintenance agent and industrial lubricating oil


Company was founded on December 19, 2000, under the leadership of the Chinese oil, through continuous integration and development, adhering to the "unified configuration, product standard, the network resources unified layout, unified management, unified organization of the scientific research of price, concentrated force quantity with famous brand" "WuTongYi, a focus on" business strategy, to achieve the five continued and a shift, the company has two research and development center, 12 oil production plants, six branch sales, total assets of 6 billion yuan, fixed assets of 1.9 billion yuan, the staff more than 5000 people,It can produce more than 700 brands of lubricants (lipids and agents) in 28 categories. Its research and development capacity is in the leading level in China, and its marketing, service and information network cover the national market.


Royal Dutch Shell, or Shell, was formed in 1907 through the merger of Shell shipping and trading co. (UK) and Royal Dutch petroleum corp.It is the world's leading international oil and gas group by many standards.Since then, the group has become the world's leading international oil company, operating in about 130 countries and employing about 100,000 people.The partners are very extensive.It is the world's leading producer of oil, gas and petrochemicals, with interests in more than 50 refineries in more than 30 countries, and is a leading seller of petrochemicals, road transport fuels (around 50,000 gas stations around the world), lubricants, aviation fuels and liquefied petroleum gas.


Standard oil's successor, standard oil of New York, was renamed Mobil, and in 1999 it and Exxon, one of its successors, used the names Esso and Exxon.Merged to exxon mobil, becoming the world's largest oil company.Exxonmobil, also known as the Exxon mobil corporation of the United States, is the world's leading oil and petrochemical company, founded by John d. Rockefeller in 1882 and headquartered in irvine, Texas.Exxonmobil operates in about 200 countries and regions around the world through its affiliates and employs 86,000 people, including about 14,000 engineering professionals and scientists.It is the world's largest non - governmental oil and gas producer and the world's largest non - governmental natural gas seller


BP Amoco was founded by William Knox darcy in 1909. Its original name was Anglo clearance oil, changed to BP in 1935 and now to BP in 1954.BP is one of the largest oil and petrochemicals groups in the world.BP's sunflowers were named after the ancient Greek god of the sun.The main business of the company is oil and gas exploration and development.Oil refining;Gas sales and power generation;Oil retail and transportation;And petrochemical products production and marketing.


Chevron Corporation, Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) was founded in 1879 and ranks among the world's ten largest oil companies by turnover.Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company operates across the oil and chemical industries in about 90 countries and employs more than 39,000 people worldwide.The second largest U.S. oil company with operations in 180 countries and regions.


TOTAL, one of the world's four largest petrochemical companies, operates lubricants in more than 110 countries.On May 7, 2003, the world was uniformly named TOTAL, with its headquarters in Paris, France. It is composed of TOTAL, FINA and ELF brands.The company is the product of the merger of total of France and FINA of Belgium in November 1998 and the merger of total FINA of France and ELF of France in March 2000.


OAO Lukoil Holdings, a Russian oil and gas producer founded in 1991, is a merger of three major oil and gas producers in Western Siberia, Kogalymneftegaz and Kogalymneftegaz.Fifty-five of Russia's 89 regions have operations, selling smelting equipment, operating refineries and operating extensive retail networks in several countries and regions.


Germany fox oil group (FUCHS PETROLUB AG) was founded in 1931, headquartered in Germany Rhine of mannheim, Germany fox oil group, after seventy years of development, has become the world's largest professional manufacturer of lubricant, professional development, production and sales all kinds of vehicle oil, motorcycle oil, industrial oil and special oil.As a famous global multinational company, foss oil group of Germany has established nearly 100 subsidiaries in more than 80 countries in the world. Through the continuous efforts of thousands of employees around the world, foss has always maintained a leading position in the international lubrication field and is honored as a global lubricant expert.


In 1906, Alfred krupp was born in Essen, the cradle of his family.The founder of the krupp empire, also known as Alfred krupp (1812 -- 1886), produced cannons that enabled bismarck to defeat Austria and France in the mid-19th century.Bertha's marriage was arranged by Kaiser Wilhelm ii himself. He asked gustav, a diplomat, to marry Bertha and add "krupp" to his surname in order to run the business of the prominent family and prevent it from falling into the hands of political enemies.


Castrol was founded in 1899 by Castrol, one of the world's best lubricants brands, a large multinational corporation, a world famous brand, and Castrol China co., LTD


Hantai lubricants, hantai tire investment holding co., LTD., are all subordinate companies of Korea corporation. The head office is mainly responsible for the southern market in xiamen and now has a branch in shandong province responsible for the northern market

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