Bride and Groom usb stick

Bride and Groom usb stick

Product Feature Product show Product Package 1. Polybag Packing: One piece/polybag , 50pcs/middle box, 500pcs/shipping carton Normally will control weght no more than 16.5Kgs. If no special mentioned, quotation are all for simple polybag packing. 2.Gift box Packing: Gift box packing have some...

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Now we design the Bride and Groom as usb stick to give the friend who welcome to attend the wedding ,it can make friends to remember the very important day for us while using .it is better than give candy or other wedding gift .Print your name and weeding date .

Bride and Groom usb stick Features

NameBride and Groom usb stick


ECO- friendly silicone


1GB,2GB,4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB,64GB


compatible with PC, Notebook and Macintosh with USB port


100 pieces


good choice for brand promotion with low cost


1 piece/opp bag, 100 pieces/big bag, 500 to 2500 pieces/ctn, or as your request


You can choose any way for delivery, such as DHL, UPS, TNT and so on.

Payment Terms:

100% T/T for small payment and 30% advanced prepayment; and the rest 70% should pay before the delivery of the goods for big payment

Delivery Time:

seven days below 5000 pieces after the sample is determinate

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How to make custom  USB  Flash Drive 

1.Customers provide USB Images or Physical models;

2.Our factory will design 3D/2D artwork / structure diagram accordingly with free;

3.Customers check and confirm;

4.Start making samples;

5.Double check and confirm again;

6.Start bulk production.


Why choose us

1. We developed the core components and Control every process into lowest cost and highest quality as customer’s require.

(1) Best production capability.
(2)Best quality control.
(3) Best Service.

2. Custom 100% design according to customers unique requirements.
3.100% QC inspection Before Shipment.
4.Customize the packing box and other things as your require.
5.Professional service:We have professional business sales at your service within 24 hours.

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