Full color print pen drive 8gb

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Today, I would like to introduce to you a business card usb flash drive customized .After the financial crisis from 2008 to 2009, the development trend of recent years and the excellent advertising gifts that are warmly welcomed by various industries as gifts are universally recognized by people in all industries.This card usb stick is made of ABS material. It looks like a standard bank card. It can be used as the company's LOGO on the outside as well as the company's advertising video and product introduction on the usb stick chip.The general service life of the card usb flash drive is 5-6 years (good 8-10 years is ok), which is equivalent to the enterprise spending money once and advertising for several years. In this way, through the promotion of beer between customers, there is more credibility and double-sided color printing -- self-defining personality logo

The full color print pen drive 8gb is about 2 to 3 mm thick, extremely thin, portable and easy to use. It USES samsung black glue and authenticity, which helps increase the number of customers.It can be said that a purchase, lifelong service.

Card usb disk application

A. Holiday promotion gifts, professional VIP membership CARDS
B. Exhibition promotion materials .
C. Graduation souvenir CARDS, employee rewards gifts .
D. New product display, advertising promotion .
E. landscape recreation area souvenir CARDS, travel CARDS.
F. online products, policies and regulations promotion .
Performance description of this card type usb drive:


1. The usb disk capacity is 512mb-64gb and other optional, standard USB2.0 interface.

2. The three-proofing (waterproof, anti-falling and dustproof) chip has a long service life and increases the timeliness of advertising.

3. Easy to carry: like credit card and bank card, it is easy to carry, it is not easy to break, and its service life is long.

4. Fast data transmission speed, read 9.5mb /s and write 8.5mb /s, which can provide encryption function and value-added function.

5. It can print all kinds of patterns on both sides. In the usb flash drive, video can be automatically played or the promotional documents cannot be deleted by customers

Why choose us
1. We developed the core components and Control every process into lowest cost and highest quality as customer's require.

(1) Best production capability

(2)Best quality control

(3) Best Service

2. Custom 100% design according to customers unique requirements.

3.100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

4.Customize the packing box and other things as your require.

5.Professional service:We have professional business sales at your service within 24 hours.

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