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Welcome The UK Customers To Visit Our Factory For USB Flash Drive Project
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The customer from UK visit our company yesterday that communicated with customized USB Flash Pen Drive Gifts. The Account Executive arranged to enter factory conference room  when customers arrive at the factory, we discussed with the forum. In order to make the customer understand the product ,the general manager of Shenzhen OAJ factory met the customer and organizes the relevant department professionals to participate in the symposium. At the symposium, Kason Lee explained the development course of the company and the production and development of the USB Stick in detail for the customers, and the professional designers have also made a timely question for the customers. Detailed answers.

After the meeting,Lee always led a line of customers to the factory's production workshop and made a thorough understanding of the production process, testing process, production equipment and finished products of UPS products. We also communicate and negotiate on further cooperation. Iran customers have fully affirmed the company's production capacity, quality management system and so on, and also put forward a lot of constructive suggestions. The meeting laid a solid foundation for the two sides to further deepen cooperation in the future. 

The UK customers have made a deep impression on the company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and hard working staff, and deeply discuss the future cooperation with the high level of the company, hoping to achieve mutual benefit and mutual development in the future cooperative project.

In the 2018year, the company must aim at the domestic market and aim at the foreign market, so as to provide customers with satisfactory high-quality  and good service Promotion USB Key products.

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