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U Disk Upgrade Too Much On The Market, How To Choose A Good Custom U Disk Manufacturers?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

U disk upgrade too much on the market, how to choose a good custom U disk manufacturers? U disk upgrade to the development of today has some years, I believe many of our friends have heard of upgrading U disk. The so-called upgrade is to use a soft-compression program, the mandatory capacity of the U disk to modify. For example, 1G memory expansion to prefix = st14G or 8G or more. If a 1G upgrade to 4G U disk, connected to the computer, his capacity is 4G, but also can copy 4G data into it, but only in front of the 1G data is available. Data beyond 1G are damaged! At this time buyers do not understand that they are own computer, documents and other problems (unscrupulous sellers often use this excuse to cheat buyers). If you encounter such a problem, please do not worry, is the donkey horse pulled out yo do not know it? MyDiskTest is a set of five functions in a U disk expansion detection tools, a dilatation detection, bad block scanning, speed testing, aging test, bad block shielding function. Can also detect FLASH flash memory is bad block, whether the use of black film, without undermining the original disk data, you can test U disk read and write speed. Is your choice of U disk and memory card necessary tools.

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