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U Disk Manufacturers How To U Disk Encryption?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

The first kind of fake encryption. Just hide the U disk file, set the password, the actual storage content did not produce any change, this encryption method can be password cracking tools to read out the original U disk file, poor security.

The second kind of soft encryption. U disk is built-in or with a soft encryption of data, the general use of AES (cryptography advanced encryption standard), can also be divided into encrypted and non-encrypted area. The use of AES can eliminate the password cracking tool to read the original file on the U disk shortcomings, but the encryption process needs to be done on the PC side.

The third kind of hardware encryption. Through built-in hardware encryption, the use of transparent encryption technology, invisible to complete encryption. Need to verify when reading the file, for example, encryption applied to the hard drive, plug in the U disk shows the code, unplug the U disk shows the encrypted information. This method is the highest level of security, you need a special hardware encryption chip encryption.

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