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Prospects For The Development Of Electric Heater Industry
- Dec 10, 2018 -

According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute's "2014-2018 China Electric Heater Industry Development Prospects and Transformation and Upgrading Analysis Report", China's electric heater enterprises are mainly concentrated in the civilian sector. In some market segments, China has formed some markets. A leading company with a large share and strong competitiveness. At present, in the field of air-conditioning auxiliary electric heaters, Dongfang Electric Heating and Chongqing Century Jingxin and Shunde Hengmei occupy a large market share; in the field of water heaters such as water heaters and washing machines, Hangzhou Hehe and Zopas have a large market share; In terms of electric heaters for small household appliances, Sino-Japanese Electric (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Zopas, Zhongshan Tianwan and other enterprises have a large output.

However, in the field of industrial electric heaters, the high-end market with high technical difficulty and high added value is basically occupied by five major manufacturers in the world. These five major manufacturers are HEATEX in the United Kingdom, CHROMALOX and ARMSTRONG in the United States. Spain's BOREALVILA and India's SPHEREHOT, among the top five manufacturers, the UK and Thailand (HEATEX) have entered the Chinese market, occupying a certain high-end market. At present, only a few companies in China that can produce industrial electric heaters with high technical difficulty are Dongfang Electric, Wuxi Huaneng, Wuxi Hengye, Wuxi Borui Oak, etc., while a large number of industrial electric heater manufacturers focus on additional The low-end market, which is not high, is still unable to get involved in the high-end market.

The Electric Heater Industry Research Group of the Prospective Industry Research Institute believes that energy conservation and emission reduction has become a basic national policy of China. Due to the energy-saving advantages of electric heating, the situation of gradually replacing traditional combustion heating has become more and more obvious. Under the background of vigorously encouraging energy conservation and emission reduction, its development will face a very favorable policy environment, and its development potential is enormous.

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