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Natural Gas Heater
- Dec 10, 2018 -

The natural gas heater refers to a device that flows out after the heating medium enters the heater and flows in the annular space of the electric heating tube for a certain period of time.

The medium absorbs the heat released by the electric heating tube during the internal flow of the heater to raise the temperature, thereby achieving the purpose of heating and heating the medium. Natural gas heaters are suitable for chemical, military, petroleum, natural gas, offshore oil platforms, ships, mining areas and other places where explosion protection is required. The heater has the advantages of safe and reliable point, stable heat exchange, high thermal efficiency, high temperature control precision, good explosion-proof performance, multiple safety protection and excellent safety performance.

Natural gas heaters are a device that heats compressed natural gas. The utility model comprises a box body, a water tank, an inlet, an outlet, a pipeline, a water inlet and a heater. The tank body is provided with a water tank, and the upper part of the water tank is provided with a water inlet. The two ports of the pipeline are respectively connected into the inlet and the outlet, and the pipeline is arranged in the water tank, the water tank There is also a heater inside. The heater is provided with two interfaces, respectively connected to the gas tank or the pressure reducing valve, and the high-pressure natural gas in the gas tank flows through the heater, and is preheated to 50~60 ° C in the heater to pass the pressure reducing valve At this time, the pressure reducing valve is not frozen; as it is heated in the pipe, the pressure is further increased.

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