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Happy Birthday To Our Family---- Shenzhen OAJ Technology CO., Ltd
- May 29, 2018 -

Happy everyone!

First of all, on behalf of Shenzhen OAJ Technology CO., Ltd .I send a sincere blessing to my colleagues who celebrate their birthday in May.

Meet is fate, meet is fate, the same birthday is fate, the same day birthday is fate.

In order to the development ofShenzhen OAJ Technology CO., Ltd for the sake of our family health, a successful career, we are from all over the world, all come to Shenzhen, from Shenzhen OAJ Technology CO., Ltd .Today, there are 20employees in the company who are lucky to celebrate their collective birthday on the same day and enjoy the development of the company.Some of you were born on the same day of the same month in the same year, some on different days of the same month in the same year, and some on the same day of the same month in different years.In a word, as long as you can celebrate your birthday on the same day, it is fate.

In the vast sea of people, we are just a drop in the ocean. Our colleagues from a stranger come together in OAJ. The road is long and the years are long.I sincerely hope that we can unite aroundMr Kason General Manager and work together for the development of OAJ and the success of individual to achieve a win-win situation.

A cake symbolizes a unity of the collective, a shining candle like a beating heart, the heart is wonderful because of the collective, the collective is proud of the heart.Now let's share the sweetness and happiness of this birthday and the beauty of this life.Let's blow the candles and hope that the wishes of the old stars will come true

Let's light up the birthday candle and sing the birthday song together. Once again, I wish the birthday stars to add luster and auspiciousness to the company.

Today is the first birthday party in 2018.I hope you will give us more valuable advice and we will try our best to plan more and better exchange activities in the future.So that every employee can feel the company's concern for employees and the warmth of the extended family. Thank you for your support.

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