Why the USB drive reading not as fast as description
- May 28, 2018 -

We received some feedback from customers recently that why the USB drive reading not as fast as description,thank you very much for customers feedback ,below advice can help you .
Be familiar with the USB flash memory read speed in addition to the usb chip itself, and also the use of USB disk environment, software and external factors such as the capacity of the read and write files, which affect the USB read and write speed, in the case of the uncontrolled, no guarantee that the USB in the test speed is how much personal environment, will be subject to local reading speed, speed does not belong to quality problems.

In addition,in the process of transportation, the usb flash disk will generate collision and friction. In addition, the usb flash disk itself is a bright surface, and it is hard to avoid some minor scratches.The USB head needs to be tested by QC computer before leaving the factory, so there will be slight scratches.

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