What we need to pay attention when using USB Flash Drive
- Apr 11, 2018 -

In our daily life, we often use USB disk to copy and store data. Of course, we will cause a lot of USB Stick problems if using improper operation in the process.In order to avoid big problem , we talk about how to use the USB Flash Drive as below  four notes reference :

1. Watch movies and play games with USB Pen Drive.
The large capacity USB disk is common today, people can use it to load the video, games.such as u disk itself is actually a mobile database used to use temporary, speaking, reading and writing, and do not like hard disk which can run for a long time, it will accelerate the USB Pen Drive.ageing, shorten service life of u disk.

2. Hot plug
Today although usb support hot plug, we still need to pay attention to the use when USB disk read,write and save the data, ,we must not pull out USB key when the light is flashing otherwise lead to data corruption, even damaged.

3. Task alone.
Will be deposited in the u disk, or delete u disk file, it is best one task independently, because didn't finish a task will refresh a u disk, it will directly affect the wastage of the u disk physical media.

4. Remove the usb drive in time.
When people do not use the usb flash drive, but they often do not remove the usb stick, directly in the usb interface, such a practice is likely to know that the u disk burned.



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