What is the upgrade of the usb flash drive
- May 14, 2018 -

What is the upgrade of the usb flash drive? Why do I buy the 4GB usb flash disk and only save one gigabyte of content?

Upgrade usb stick, is made of a soft compression process, the capacity to enforce changes to the U disk, such as 256 memory, make a 512 MB or 1GB or more, or with 512 MB of memory, 1GB, 2GB or more, and so on, to join a 256 MB upgraded to 2GB U disk, plugged into a computer, its capacity is 2GB, but also can copy 2GB data, but only 256MB in front of information can be used.The data exceeding 256M is damaged, and the actual price of the product should be 256M, while the 4GB usb flash drive can only save 1GB, which is to upgrade to 4GB with 1G memory chip.

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