What is the custom PVC shape usb flash drive process
- Jun 16, 2018 -

The method of making the environmental protection of PVC soft rubber USB disk shell is made from PVC fine powder with DINP oil mixing PVC paste, put the material of copper or aluminum mold inside, then put the mould temperature pan baked on the stage is set to 270 degrees, it completely plasticizing, such as can be seen is transparent, just put the mould in the water cooler for a while, and then the transparency in the mould out, is PVC soft rubber you want. If it is to do the color of the you must add the paste (paint) in PVC paste and then on the mold, the same as the above method,You can make color PVC soft glue.

Can the soft rubber PVC USB shell make color?Gifts USB memory stick currently on the market, the demand for soft rubber PVC usb flash drive is very big, customers  like according to their own design USB  the appearance of the mould production oneself to like, but sometimes they are confused, PVC soft rubber USB pen drive mold can open out, that soft rubber artificial color with a small needle tube one by one drop, each color will drop a, slight control is bad, would be easy to a problem, cause the bad appearance.Therefore, high design technology, mold opening technology and glue dripping technology are needed to meet customer requirements

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