usb flash drive is not only store things, but also computer boot tool
- Jun 21, 2018 -

As usual, USB flash drive are widely use in store data,now  there are other functions, such as computer start tool use, can appear in the computer system fault cannot be started, a solution to you.So what is the specific operation process?

Be sure to back up the information on the usb drive before you prepare the start up tool, because the usb drive will be formatted during production.The second is that the usb drive is better than one gigabyte, because the start up tool itself takes up some of the storage.

First of all, download the installation and maintenance tool set. Now there are a lot of usb flash drive tool making software. You can download the green no-install version and open it by decompressing.Select your own backup usb drive in the device box.

The usb flash drive tool is in progress.This includes steps such as checking the usb drive, formatting the usb drive, and writing data. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Now the usb drive is ready.Another nice feature of the software is that in the lower right corner of the interface, there will be a shortcut key for the computer to start the usb flash drive. For example, the shortcut key for the computer to start the usb flash drive is F12.Press F12 on the computer startup screen to enter the usb drive.

In addition, if the capacity of the usb flash drive is allowed, you can also put the operating system files into the usb drive, so you don't have to rush to reinstall the system!

usb flash drive still has so big effect, when encounter computer system problem, can oneself start to solve, very convenient ,right ?

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