USB flash drive
- May 16, 2018 -

USB DRIVE full name is USB FLASH DRIVE.English name it is with USB interface is a kind of miniature high capacity without physical drives mobile storage products, and through the USB interface connected to the computer, plug and play.The name of the USB stick is originated from a new type of storage device produced by lucent technologies. It is called a USB flash disk and is connected by USB interface.USB flash drive is connected to the USB interface of the computer, and the USB flash disk can be exchanged with the computer.After that, the equipment that produced similar technology was registered with the patent, and could not be called a usb flash disk.The term usb later became known as a simple and easy to remember, and one of the mobile storage devices.

Compact and easy to carry, large storage capacity, cheap price, reliable performance.The usb stick is very small, just the size of the thumb, very light weight, especially suitable for carrying around. We can hang it on our chest, hang it on the key string, and even put it in our wallet.The average usb flash disk capacity is 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB. There are no mechanical devices in the storage disk, and the seismic performance is extremely strong.In addition, the flash disk also has the characteristics of moisture-proof and high temperature resistance, which is very safe and reliable.

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