Type of usb flash drive
- May 31, 2018 -

Many customers want to know more about USB Flash Drive ,now we introduct it ,we hope it  can help customers to choose the right USB in further .

From Case : plastic usb ,PVC usb, metal usb, crystal usb, jewelry usb, leather cases, ceramics, bamboo and pens.The price of each mold is different, the plastic usb is the most expensive, the metal jewelry usb and ceramics usb are in the middle, the PVC usb and wood usb are relatively cheap, the price is related to the complexity of the design and the materials used.

From Chip : the chip is generally divided into a general version, wrist version, black colloids, among which black colloids have the function of waterproof and anti-pressure fall.So it's a little bit more expensive than the others.In terms of chip brands, Samsung is the most stable and expensive, while Toshiba and Swoodie are the most cost-effective.

From special usb disk: our usb disk can be customized shape usb according to the different function of customer requirements, including usb software encryption, hardware encryption u-disk, do not delete U disk, no copy U disk, etc. To meet the personalized needs of customers.

From USB interface,currently, the mainstream interfaces are USB2.0 and USB 3.0, and the writing speed of USB2.0 is 5-14MB/S. The reading speed is 15-25MB /S,the actual writing speed of USB 3.0 is 12-100mb /S, and reading and reading is 60-140mb /S. The larger the capacity of USB 3.0, the faster the speed.



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