Tips for heating appliance selection
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Heater can give our warm,below for some tips for heating appliance selection,we hope can help you .

Note 1: whether it is safe to use
consumers should pay attention to whether it has multiple safety protection such as temperature limiter and thermostat when purchasing.

Attention two: whether enough environmental protection, environmental protection factor is also a consumer when choosing heater should consider a problem.The heating device that choose and buy had better not cause pollution not only, still added health safeguard on safe foundation.

Note 2: how is the brand reputation
Many consumers tend to pay more attention to the price and performance of heaters when purchasing heaters and ignore the brand of heaters.Industry experts suggest that consumers should choose models with higher brand awareness and higher sales volume when purchasing heaters.Attention 4: the quality is in place, in the process that consumer buys heating device, product is quality also a problem that should consider emphatically.The materials used, the strength of the falling resistance of the product, and the welding process.

Note 3: whether it is economical to save energy

To consumer, when choosing heating device only choose those heating efficiency is higher, electric energy conversion rate is higher when heating device can make the home warmer under the premise of energy-saving.Take small warm sun heater as an example, some famous brands such as beautiful small warm sun adopt efficient ceramic heating body, high thermal efficiency, economic energy saving;

Note 4: what about the after-sales service

In addition to the above seven points, after-sales service is also an important issue that consumers should pay attention to.In general popularity larger brands, after-sales service is done relatively well, the heater with the United States, for example, it has strong national after-sales service network, have nearly thousand after-sales service network to provide customers with worry-free after-sales service.

Note 5: how long does it last

The service life of radiator is a problem that consumers should pay attention to when buying heater.Take small warm Yang type heater as an example, some famous brands such as beauty small warm sun because of the use of "X type" aluminum heating body, the service life has become much longer;

Note 6: complete functions

Whether the function is complete or not is a matter for attention.In this respect, many heater brand done is pretty good, beautiful wall hanging heater, for example, the heater can desktop, hanging dual-use, can also be used in the bathroom, in addition, the warm air blower and electronic remote control function, even disabled old man can remote operation freely;

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