The school held the annual sports school custom sports uniform U disk as a gift
- Mar 02, 2018 -

1, Please U disk away from damp, dusty environment;

2, do not violently hit the U disk, to prevent the built-in circuit components fall off;

3, U disk connected to the computer after the best not to operate the file directly in the U disk, first copy it to the computer before operating!

4, U disk after use, please do not connect to the computer for a long time, it should be unplugged out!

5, U disk after use, please delete the hardware at the bottom right of the computer before pulling U disk, otherwise it is easy to cause file loss!

6, important files, please keep your backup, please do not cut to transfer files, it is best to use copy, develop a good habit of data backup.

7, data loss may be caused by the following aspects, including a sudden power failure, unstable power supply,

Man-made unplugged, accidentally deleted, mistakenly formatted, virus damage, electrostatic damage, encryption and permissions, firmware upgrades, electromagnetic interference and so on.

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