The PVC patch
- May 11, 2018 -

It is unfamiliar with the word PVC patch for us, but we still need to get familiar with it!For clothing, shoe accessories , decorations, key rings, mobile phone hangers and other small items, everyone will have a basic understanding.These small articles are the plastic products made by the process of the process, making our clothing decoration, key ring and mobile phone hanging pieces more beautiful and beautiful. 

The application of PVC patch can be used to make water washing marks, car footpads, zipper head, mobile phone seat, shoe material, cup cover, mouse pad and so on.In terms of large items, the main ones are application and shoe chain, luggage, clothing, toys, car upholstery, computer cushion and so on.

It is essential in our life to see such a wide application of PVC gum and the products it makes.

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