The different between 3D USB Flash Drive and 2D USB Flash Drive
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Do you know what is different between 3D usb flash and 2D usb flash drive? Below for their are difference 

First,3D usb flash drive is 3D ,2D usb flash drive  is 2D.

Second , 2D USB Memory is also called a plane usb memory ,.2D graphic content is only horizontal X-axis and vertical Y-axis,2d drawing software has photoshop, CorelDraw, Painter and other FLASH software.

D USB Stick Like 2 d graphics content ,not only has X axis vertical Y axis but also Z axis so deep outward is 3 d (XYZ) and 2 d is the difference between the 3 d graphics can contain 360 - degree can information from different angles to the performance (model)

In theory, it is much better to look at the three-dimensional shape of three-dimensional graphics than the two-dimensional plane figure, because its three-dimensional, light and shadow are real.

Now we make a sample to show what is 3D usb flash drive 
8g USB Flash Drive  ? what is 2D usb flash drive Book Shaped USB Flash Drive




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