The difference between PVC USB Flash Drive and Silicone USB Flash Drive
- May 29, 2018 -

In the  usb flash drive gift  industry, soft usb flash drive is becoming more and more popular ,because it can be made into any shape completely according to the customers requirements .
The market can be divided into two types of soft usb disk, one is PVC soft material, the other one is silicone soft material.The following is the introduction of what is PVC usb disk and what is silicone soft usb disk.

1. What is PVC usb memory stick

PVC chemical name is "PVC", its heat and light stability is poorer, starts to break down around 170 ℃, 100 ℃ above or after a prolonged sun exposure, can produce hydrogen chloride and further automatic catalytic decomposition, decomposition cause discoloration, physical and mechanical properties will decline, must be added in the practical application of stabilizers in order to improve the stability of heat and light.However 90% of the soft rubber U disk shell on the market is to use PVC material, it is because of PVC soft rubber U disk shell material are free to do any kind of color not only, and any complex style can do it, and open mold cycle is short, generally 2-3 can out of the sample, the mould fee is 300-400 yuan or so commonly, big goods do goods cycle fast, at the same time, the cost is low, so is widely applied.

2. What is a silicone usb memory stick

Silicone has stable chemical properties and does not react with any substances except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid.It has the characteristics of high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical property and high mechanical strength.Therefore, the silicone usb disc set made with silica gel has strong stereoscopic effect and good visual effect. The most important thing isthat it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Also has the characteristics of anti - dirty, good hand feel.Silicone material now that so good, but why actually made of silicone material USB pen drive on the market share or very few, that's because the silicone mould cost is more expensive, open mold cycle is longer, usually a simple sample mould cost is controlled in USD150 , 1 weeks out of the sample, you going to do after you confirm the sample, you also need to do two or three extra large cargo grinding tool, so the whole list down, silica gel mould opening fee at least USD500, and the production cycle is long, the silicone material costs are relatively high, the price of natural products U disk is higher also.In addition, the appearance color of the usb disk made of silica gel is generally monotonous, so it is difficult to make complex and colorful shapes.


Soft rubber gifts USB disk prevails till now, there are a lot of people couldn't figure it out the difference between PVC and Silicone, so as to be deceived by some unscrupulous businessmen, now three recruit teach you how to distinguish between PVC soft usb stick and silicone soft usb flash drive:

The first action: feel with the hand, silica gel has the fleshy feeling, feel like to touch the meat, soft, and PVC will not be such a feeling, is to achieve the most soft also is not to touch the meat feeling.

The second action: smell with nose, silica gel won't have stink, and PVC is to have the stink of plastic, environmental protection PVC also has, just can light a bit.

The Third action : burn with fire, lighter open fire, burn silica gel is to have white powder appear, and PVC is burned directly.

Learn these three tips above and don't worry about being fooled by your supplier or usb flash drive manufacturer any more!

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