The difference between Hard Drive and USB Flash Drive
- Jul 10, 2018 -

What are difference between Hard Drive and USB Flash Drive ?pls check below reference .

1.Storage works differently

Usb disk is a semiconductor material (chip) as a storage unit, also known as solid storage, no mechanical part.

The mobile hard disk is a magnetic medium as memory, there are mechanical parts.

2. Different energy consumption

There is no mechanical part of the usb flash drive, and the energy required is much smaller and usually no more than

100 ma, and mobile hard disk relatively large energy consumption, some time current provided by a USB port can't is good enough to ensure its normal operation, so the mobile hard disk with cable are commonly can check two USB ports, even need to configure a special power supply.This is the main reason why some mobile hard drives don't work properly.

Different size: the usb drive is much smaller than the mobile hard drive, which is more convenient to carry.

3.Different security:

Because there is no mechanical part of usb flash drive, it has better anti-vibration and damp performance than mobile hard drive.But want to operate according to the program of the regulation and use, U dish also wants to buy quality too hard, in case of a problem, data rescue than mobile hard disk much more difficult, data is priceless!

4.large capacity differences

At present, the usb flash drive is common in 1g-32g, and the largest one is 128G. However, compared with the mobile hard drive, it is much smaller


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