The attention for purchasing usb flash drive
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1.Look at work

Although the usb flash drive is a small thing, but the workmanship of good or bad can be seen at a glance.The poor quality U - disk shell feels rough and has poor durability.The material of good U disk shell will not be bad, the second is beauty, the most important is to protect the chip inside

2. The chip

Chip mainly see flash grain manufacturers, particle types and so on.One of the more useful information is the particle type.Flash memory granule quality is the best but SLC, MLC second, TLC is the cheapest.This information is available through the ChipGenius gadget.After you plug in the USB disk, you can find the USB port connected to the USB port of the USB port in the USB port of the connected device

3. The speed

It is not professional to buy USB3.0 usb flash drive without looking at the speed.USB3.0 is an interface standard, not a speed standard.So take the CrystalDiskMark with you when you buy, plug in the usb drive, and click on the file --Test Data-- Default(Random) to start measuring the speed of the usb drive

4. The capacity

This is not simply looking at the capacity parameters such as 32G and 16G of the label of the usb flash drive, but at the actual available capacity after the usb drive is formatted.It is normal for the remaining capacity to be hundreds of megabytes or even G after the product is formatted by different manufacturers.We can check through the system, after the computer connects to the usb drive, right click the usb drive, and select the properties to see the capacity

Looking at the quality of after-sales service is always an important indicator to measure when purchasing goods.Nowadays, many BBS or shopping websites have USB3.0 usb disks with DIY skills. It is undeniable that the materials and performance of these usb disks are all superior, and their "cost performance" is very high.After all, these usb sticks are produced by individuals and cannot be guaranteed after sale. Whether to buy such usb sticks or not needs to be well measured


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