PVC soft USB flash drive advantage
- May 30, 2018 -

Do you know why PVC soft USB flash drive are more and more popular in promotion gift ?
Custom PVC soft USB flash drive is unlike other materials USB, mold up time is more time-consuming, PVC soft plastic mold is generally about 3-5 days, it is precisely because of PVC soft rubber mold production, the design can be arbitrary, production costs Cheap, many guests will choose the U disk of PVC software as the company's gift to the guests, this is the trend of the times.  

How to make custom pvc soft usb flash drive   

1.Customers provide USB Images or Physical models;
2.Our factory will design 3D/2D artwork / structure diagram accordingly with free;
3.Customers check and confirm;
4.Start making samples;
5.Double check and confirm again;
6.Start bulk production.

For example 

First step.Customer provide  USB image.

Second step:Design 3D artwork according to customer picture

Third step: customer confirm the artwork 

Fourth step:Start making sample

Fifth step:Customer confirm the sample and start bulk product


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