Is it safe indoor portable gas heater
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Is it safe indoor portable gas heater?

Gas heater at work, often can zha combustion process in the furnace head of stainless steel net, net at this time will quickly heating and red, and the air will be produced because of the heat of the net and its heat exchange, such continuous cycle can heat the surrounding air, and its heat effect is very good, now on the market is very high, many home gas heater safety have dumping protection and flame-out protection and lack of oxygen.In the past, when people used LPG or electric heaters, they accidentally bumped into the heaters, which could easily lead to fire.But gas heater if it is hit, it will immediately shut down, and automatically expired, needs to be opened to burn again, compared with other heater, gas heater with multiple protection measures, let users to use more at ease


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