Is gas room heater safety for home
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Is gas room heater safety for home,the answer is  safe and reliable.

The three functions are extinguishing protection device, Flage-Failure Protection Device,  hypoxia, dumping protection devices and anti-dumping protection device.

The firstly,Flameout protection device: flameout device, flameout deviation or attenuation of flame, can not reach the heat generated by thermal current.

The secondly ,Hypoxic protection device: when the oxygen content in the indoor air reaches 19.5-19.7%, when the carbon dioxide concentration rises to 0.8-1.3%, it will automatically shut down and cut off the air source.
The thirdly ,Anti-dumping device: when the heater is hit or tilted, it will turn off the air source if it deviates from its original position

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