How to tell you what is made of pvc or silicone usb
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Today's USB Flash Drive are made of metal, silicone, jade and plastic (PVC) usb sticks.Among them, PVC and silica gel usb disk are more popular.However, most users are still hard to distinguish between the two materials, so let's talk about the resolution method

Step one: by hand touch, silica gel have fleshy feeling, hand touch the silicone like touch the meat, soft, and the feeling of PVC is not such, is the most soft also do not touch the meat.

Step 2: smell it with your nose. Silicone won't stink, while PVC has a stink of plastic.

Step 3: burn with fire, with a lighter, fire until silicone is white powder, and PVC is burned directly.

Through the above three steps, we can basically identify the material of the usb flash drive as PVC or silica gel.

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