How to identify the high quality usb flash drive
- Apr 16, 2018 -

As we know ,the usb flash drive is consists of usb shell and chip.One of the main parts of A High quality usb flash is the quality of Chip, and its use will be obvious, showing you how to identify high quality usb flash drive.

The shape of the A chip rectangle, there were a lot of storage cell, like ranked box, impact on the flow of electric current and the data written to each storage unit, each unit of average write number representing the service life of the chip, the life of A grade chip in the 100000 / each storage unit.In terms of quality, the chip is graded.In A single chip, storage unit is not completely can be used, there will be some bad storage unit, the industry will conform to the standard of production capacity, bad block less than 5% shares of the largest known as grade A Flash chip.On the contrary, Flash, which is more than 5% of the worst, is referred to as class B Flash.
Grade A and B chip are very different in price, so the average small manufacturer will adopt some cheap b-grade Flash, which also makes the fundamental difference in the quality of U disk products.The use of the b-chip usb flash drive is slow, the data is easy to lose, and the service life is only 1/10 of the a-level chip.However, because of its own quality, a-level chips will also give full play to their effectiveness in use, achieving the nominal speed and stability of the data, and more importantly, the service life of the high speed usb disk.Fast writing speed, stable data, generally can be saved for 10 years, the service life at least 100,000 times.

One pay attention to the brand: brand is the guarantee for quality products and services, U disk has been the market of life for many years, both in technology and price has experienced the baptism of several times, the lack of competitive products to exit the market gradually, withstand the test of market brand, has grown into a leader in mobile storage industry.

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