Gas Room Heater buyer's guide
- Jul 05, 2018 -

First, liquefied gas used in the gas heater must be pure propane liquefied gas, which is 5-10 yuan per can (15kg tank) more expensive than ordinary liquefied gas.(the main components of liquefied gas include propane, butane, propylene, butene and so on. Pure propane has better quality than liquefied gas and is much more expensive.Companies that deliver liquefied gas usually have propane and cheap liquefied gas, so you only need to buy pure propane gas.
Hazards of using cheap liquefied gas: 1. Small air pressure fire, usually after burning for 0.5 to 2 hours, the pressure will decrease rapidly, and the fire will become small and cannot be used normally.2. Long-term use of cheap liquid gas with impurities will cause the electromagnetic valve of the heater to fail or reduce the sensitivity.

Second, because the umbrella type gas heater with ChangMingHuo function using very troublesome, for two or three years each manufacturer of umbrella heaters have cancelled ChangMingHuo basic functions, therefore the operation process, once the control knob to the vent position immediately continuous press igniter, until the light.If the ignition is too slow, a lot of gas will be released, which will affect the space smell.

Third, cabinet type gas heater is usually in addition to a direct lighting, the rest of the two gears are made a spark, it will take about 2 to 3 seconds, the 2-3 seconds time there will be a small amount of gas discharge, caused the space peculiar smell, so often switch is not recommended.In addition, some small plants to produce inferior cabinet heater, 2, 3, the gears of the ignition time is relatively long some even for 1 minute, in this case, the user can accelerate shaking hands before the burning board. Air flow, it can greatly shorten the ignition time and reduce the leakage of gas

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