Gas heater category
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Gas heater is divided into: umbrella type gas heater and cabinet type mobile gas heater.These two kinds of gas heaters are divided into liquefied gas type and natural gas type according to applicable fuel.The umbrella type gas heater also known as gas heaters, patio heaters, outdoor umbrella type heater, gas heating furnace, lamp type heater radiators, umbrella, umbrella, such as liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas heating furnace both same shape, the difference is that the pressure of the nozzle is different, the two do not mix.At present, all the domestic manufacturers are connected with the natural gas pipeline, can not be connected with the canned natural gas.Cabinet removable

Advantages: high heat, fast temperature rise, a total of three gears, a 1.4kw first gear, 2.8kw second gear, 4.2kw third gear.Disadvantages: high gas consumption, a 15kg can of pure propane gas can take about 50 hours if it is burned continuously at maximum power.

Suitable for homes, offices, shops and stores with an area of 20-30 square meters or so with good air circulation.Attention for safety, family use at night can not be used in the bedroom!


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