Education and training institutions what U disk custom good?
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Learn card U disk, it is our RF card U disk series, is not only a learning card, also have the freedom to store functions, of course, you can also make electronic tickets, card holders to enter credit card! The times have come, let your management easier, rapid development of your membership, effectively lock your customers, but also learning Salon, open class to develop the best gifts for customers, to do course recommendations, recommended by lecturer is a good choice.

At the same time training companies can sell courses, the lecturer's audio and video data custom U disk (can not be deleted can not be copied), customers can only watch one-on-one learning, do not worry online paste free paste, copy! For many education and training institutions such as : Business training, English training, vocational training (such as accountants, designers, architects, etc.).

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