Credit Card USB Flash Drive
- May 04, 2018 -

Credit Card USB Flash Drive is known as business card . It is made of ABS material, and the appearance is the same as standard bank card. It is 85*52MM and the thickness is 1.2-2mm.As shown in figure (1) : the card usb flash drive is the first choice for the electronic gift industry because it can print all kinds of exquisite color patterns and become an excellent advertisement carrier.The ordinary usb flash drive can only be used as the LOGO of the company in the appearance, and then the publicity effect will be lost after that.In addition to the LOGO of the company, the card usb flash drive can also be used in the usb flash drive for the company's advertising videos and product introductions.Card U disk generally use life is 5 to 6 years (ok 8-10 years no problem), is equal to the enterprise spent money at a time, years of advertising, in this way, through customer mouth beer between propaganda, more credibility and authenticity, the increased amount of help customers.A purchase, a lifetime service.

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