Common sense techniques for confirm whether usb flash drive poisoning
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Boot, insert the U disk into the USB interface, double-click here to open the U disk. New folders in the U root directory, change the name of the folder to "autorun.inf", and if you can successfully modify the file name, then your U disk is generally not a virus. But if there is a "your specified folder and the existing file rename" prompt window, which means that your U disk has a virus, then quickly use the antivirus software to repair it. It

View the hidden autorun.inf file method, click "tool" in "resource manager", "Folder Options", open the form, click the "view" tab, check the "display hidden files, folders and drive" select box, click "confirm" button to save exit, see if there is autorun.inf The file will enable the system to run the specified files automatically, enabling the virus to have an opportunity.

In general, the virus is the autorun.inf file under the U disk as a habitat, the establishment of the autorun.inf file, not only to cause damage to the data files in the U disk, when connecting the computer, the computer will be infected with the virus, leading to computer failure. 

Other methods:

1. there are many strange files in the U disk, and the names are very strange, which means that your U disk is probably poisoned.

2. double clicking on the U disk can't be opened, or the other disk directory is the most common "my document", and then your U disk is likely to have become a victim of the virus.

3. right click on the "my computer" interface but don't open it, if the first item in the pop-up menu is not "open" but "auto" or "auto play" or "open" or "Browser" then your U disk has previously been virus or now has a virus.

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