Common problems and solutions for gas room heater
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Common problems and solutions for gas room heater,pls collect,maybe can help you while using gas room heater

1. Release the hand when the heater burns normally after 3 seconds of ignition, and immediately turn off the heater.
Fault reason: this fault is mostly the thermocouple failure, replacement can be.After replacement, the fault remains unchanged. Replace the solenoid valve.If the new machine appears to loosen the hand that maintenance USES the graph to extinguish the phenomenon, it is the liquified gas pressure is too big, the flame shoots out too long to burn the thermocouple induction needle caused by, the pressure of reducing valve can be appropriately adjusted.
2. When the heater burns normally, it will automatically turn off without any reason.
Fault reason: the inferior heater used the unqualified dumping protection device, replaced the good quality dumping protection device.Also, check to see if the fuel in the LPG bottle is used up.
3The flame is large or small after ignition.
Reason of failure: the reducing valve is broken, replace the reducing valve.

4. Other faults, such as the simple problem of unable to ignite the heater
Due to the failure of the LPG bottle switch, the fuel of the LPG bottle is used up, the control knob is not adjusted to the open position, etc

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