Ceramic heater
- Jul 07, 2018 -

Ceramic heater element is the high-temperature sintering, the electric heating body with ceramic made of fixation with a heating element, can according to the size of height adjustable resistance of body temperature, which can be in constant temperature set point, does not overheat, has many characteristics, such as energy saving, safety, long service life.This kind of electric heater does not glow when working, no bright fire, no oxygen consumption, soft air supply, with automatic thermostat function.The output power of PTC ceramic heater is between 800 and 1250 watts. It can adjust temperature at will.The PTC ceramic thermostat is used for most of the heating in a household with a bathroom fan and a few small bedrooms.The rainy season, considering the characteristics of dry air in winter in the northern bedroom, will be part of the heating PTC ceramic electric heater in the bedroom with humidifier function together, launch add wet electric heater, warm air with moist air blow out together, let a person feel very comfortable, and with almost no noise.As the demand of the consumers improve spawned new products on the market - fireplace type electric heater - simulate flame, ceramic heating, warm wind, build euramerican amorous feelings of warmth (power 1800 w).A new PTC ceramic heater looks similar to a regular alt-type electric heater, but USES enamelled heat sinks.The characteristic is heat dissipation body, the appearance is thinner, have protective cover, use safety.Some of the more advanced products used in the bedroom have infrared remote control, regular shutdown, fall automatic power off and heating functions, can be regarded as complete functions.


Ceramic heating speed is slow, but storage hot effect is good, suitable for families with elderly and children to use in the home, ceramic heater is a kind of high efficient heat evenly distributed heater, excellent thermal conductivity of metal alloy, ensure the hot surface temperature uniformity, eliminates the equipment of hot and cold spots.It has the advantages of long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic field, etc.



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