Portable gas and electric heater

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Portable gas and electric heater

Piezo-Electric Ignition Mode

Infrared , Fast Heating , Energy Saving

Flame-Failure Protection Device

3 Ceramic Plates Three Power Setting

(Pulser Ignition With Battery , Easy Operation)

Gas Power Setting : From 1.3 kw To 4.2kw

Electric Power:400wx3,220v-50hz

Caster for Easy Moving

Space For Gas Cylinder Up To 15kg

Anti-tilt Device Selected

With ODS

Product size:420*350*730mm

Packing size:455*390*755mm

Loading:216pcs/20"GP ;  540pcs/40"

Heat efficiency is high, more environmentally friendly: heat source is mild, no heat, no flame, no noise.

Humanized design: portable design, let you think of where to go.

Temperature regulation in N gear: no gear regulation, meet different requirements.

Safe and reliable: radiation proof.Flameout, dump, anoxic protection.

Product picture show 

Electric power : 400wx3 ,220v-50hz

Three ceramic plstes ,Three power setting ,from 1.4KW to 4.2 KW .


Why keep some ventilation, will it produce toxic waste gas?Is it warm after the ventilation?How many rooms does this radiator fit for heating?

Because the gas heater is heated by burning, it needs to consume oxygen when burning, and the purpose of maintaining certain ventilation is to let oxygen in for the use of the heater when burning, and the ventilation area is only 0.35-1 square meter space according to the different power used, so it will not have much influence on temperature.Yangzi huamei heater adopts imported high quality ceramic burning plate, which can achieve full pre-combustion, and what is produced after full combustion is the same carbon dioxide produced when people breathe (carbon dioxide is not toxic, carbon monoxide is toxic), so it will not produce waste gas if used correctly.Generally speaking, the room heating of 40 square meters of natural gas can make the indoor temperature reach more than 20 degrees, but it mainly depends on the condition of your room, such as room height, room warmth, ventilation and outdoor temperature.The LPG will have different effects depending on the quality of the gas.Generally speaking, the combustion value of liquefied gas is lower than that of natural gas, and the heating effect is lower than that of natural gas.Therefore, we recommend that natural gas is preferred in places with natural gas.

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