Indoor portable ceramic plate room gas heater

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Compare with ndoor portable ceramic plate room gas heater

1.Small brand, mixed brand after-sales network, or even no after-sales, there is no guarantee

2.Poor heating effect:Heating material is bad, resistance is big, heat conversion rate is low, heat is slow, heat range is small, power consumption is not warm:No overheat protection,Without any safety protection device, designed to save cost, the temperature is too high to cause fire.

3.Oil ting: high power, long time usage electricity, may leak oil, have safety hidden trouble

4.Warm air fan: small range of use, always against the heating, the body will feel uncomfortable, use noise, affect the rest.

Fast heating furnace: high price, use convection heating, slow heating, long time use, power consumption

Small sun: heating fast, but the local temperature is too high, burns easily, has the security hidden danger, consumes the oxygen, can dry mouth for a long time.

   Model No.

Indoor portable ceramic plate room gas heater

Indoor portable ceramic plate room gas heater

Flame-Failure Protection Device

3 Ceramic Plates Three Power Setting

Gas Power Setting : From 1.3 kw To 4.2kw

Piezo-Electric Ignition Mode

Space For Gas Cylinder Up To 15kg

Anti-tilt Device Selected

With ODS

Product size:420*350*730mm

Packing size:455*390*755mm

Loading:216pcs/20"GP ;  540pcs/40"


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