CKD indoor gas heater

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   Model No.

CKD indoor gas heater




Piezo-Electric Ignition Mode

Infrared , Fast Heating , Energy Saving

Flame-Failure Protection Device

3 Ceramic Plates Three Power Setting

(Pulser Ignition With Battery , Easy Operation)

Power Setting : From 1.3 kw To 4.2kw

Caster for Easy Moving

Space For Gas Cylinder Up To 15kg

Anti-tilt Device Selected

With ODS

Product size:420*350*730mm

Packing size:455*390*755mm

Loading:216pcs/20"GP ;  540pcs/40"

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Is the gas heater safe

When gas fired heating furnace head stainless steel net, stainless steel net quickly become red, with stainless steel net heating air, gas generated when the combustion air convection heated air circulation.At the same time, the stainless steel net cover can be red to produce far infrared radiation heating surrounding objects (at this time, infrared is harmless to human body).

Domestic gas heater USES infrared burner, honeycomb ceramic plate as burner head, mix with air completely when burning, ensure burning completely, reduce pollutant emission thereby;Burns through transfer about 80% energy into infrared radiation way, this kind of infrared wave (2-4 microns) the most easily absorbed by molecules, high polymer material, and has strong penetrating power, can stimulate the resonance occur, water molecules can be heat evenly penetrate deep into the core of the heated material, ensure uniform heating effect, improve the quality of heating and drying efficiency, therefore with infrared burner heating, drying, heat preservation, aging treatment, heating has become a new trend, a kind of new technology, it has been widely used in various industries and fields.

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